Les Enfants Terribles

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In case you are interested in ordering one of my creations please have a look at the following instructions and information.

How do I order?

- Please write a mail to chocolatedecadence[AT]dokom[DOT]net if you want to order something.
- Make sure to use the subject "LET Order for Your Name".
- Please include the sculpt name, amount and color you want and your full address.
Shipping always includes tracking and usually costs 7€
for a single head.

Where do you ship from?
I ship from Germany (EU).

How can I pay?
Payment is done via Paypal.
You will receive my Paypal address after I got your order.

When do I have to pay?
Payment is due as soon as I process your order, this is also true for pre-orders.
In case you need a short layaway please let me know right away.

What does pre-order or in stock mean?
When I put something up for pre-order the prototype itself is finished and ready to be sent to the caster.
The product is not yet casted and shipping takes as long as the caster needs to sent me back my order.
This usually takes about two to three months.

In case something is in stock it's ready to be shipped to you right away.
Painted heads are always offered as is and cannot be pre-ordered.
I sent you a mail but didn't receive a reply yet, what should I do?
In case you didn't receive a reply after three days it's likely that your mail ended up in a spam folder.
Please feel free to send one again OR try one of mine or Ara's social media links (see 'About').
In case you have a Den of Angels account we can be reached there too (ChocoDecadence or Ara).

I have other questions?
In case there's something else you'd like to know about LET feel free to write me a mail too.